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From Q & A format to multi-media presentation. From siblings to safety. Each event is structured for your community’s unique needs. And the talk is crafted to your content.

Here’s a list of what I’ve done, and please know, I am always interested in creating something new, to meet the needs of your group.

Your dedication to our kids is overwhelming and most certainly inspiring

"We have heard nothing but positive comments about the program and how much people loved it. I knew we were on the right track when most of the audience was taking notes during your presentation, Emily! We are so fortunate to have you in our community. Your dedication to our kids is overwhelming and most certainly inspiring."

Jeannette Killip, Olympia School District Education Fund

Here are a few examples:

  • Oh Sister, Why Art Thou?  navigating the world of siblings.
  • The Egg & The Chicken.  children’s motivation & learning (learning & motivation).
  • Red Light / Green Light. stopping the crash & burns of discipline.
  • The Balancing Act. Yup. It’s an act. Here’s how we get to what’s real & realistic.
  • Lost in Translation.  how to talk with your tweens and teens.
  • Tweens, Teens & Transitions. The top ten issues in the years ahead.
  • The Who Am I? Game.  I’m a parent.  but what else?
  • Tiiiime is On Our Side (Yes it is).  Quantity & Quality.  In & Out.
  • Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby.  how to raise the topic & keep talking about it from toddlers to teens.
  • The Safety Dance.  protecting kids & letting them go.
  • Mama, Do You Love Me?  the bonds of the mother-daughter relationship.
  • Mama’s Boy.  your toddler, tween, teen & you.
  • No Man’s Land.  parenting beyond the place of our fathers.
  • Born This Way.  examining your child’s temperament & spirit.
  • survivor (outwit, outplay outlast)™: the preschool years.  Need I say more?
  • (Cuz We Are) Living in a Media World.  information, strategies & boundaries for media use.
  • Sticks & Stones.  bullying, the wheel of problem solving, & why we want kids to tell.
  • Border Crossings.  how, when & why to set boundaries around behavior.
  • The Tipping Point. parenting through the late elementary and middle school years.
  • I.Q. /E.Q.  learning how your child learns.
  • Rules, Schmules.  discipline through ages & stages.
  • here are the recent keynotes I have done.
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Your presentation makes for a very worthwhile, educational evening

“You clearly crafted a well-thought-out presentation, with content that was substantial, well-researched, and very useful. Your delivery was engaging and inspiring. The additional references that you provided were also much appreciated. The intelligence and diligence you bring to your presentation makes for a very worthwhile, educational evening.”

Pati Koong & Lem McCleary, Co-chairs of Hansen Elementary School P.T.A.

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