the who-what-where.

It’s summer. And the days ahead look endless. Yet they seem to fly by. So let’s brainstorm, prioritize. Then in a few days we’ll take the final list of wishes and get them on the calendar. Take a moment or two with your kiddos, partner, and on your own to write it all out…who do you want to see? what do you want to do? where do you want to go?

Print it out, and start dreaming. Here’s the www_list.

And then…the yin to this yang. the project list & the chore list.

And …the daily_list. This is the place to write out what you’d like to have happen each day {not that it will, at least not every every day, but that we wish it would}. This is where we list things like: read for 30 minutes, nap or rest time, etc. It is from the daily list that we are going to build our summer rhythms.

And finally? the how-to-break-the-rules list. Because sometimes it is important to have order, but sometimes, sometimes? chaos is calling, and her name is fun.


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