you are my sunshine

How long, approximately, will it take you to sing it? Would you mumble? hum it? sing chorus & verse? Or just the beginning? In the name of science and for keeping of standards for Summer of Love, I timed it. 57 seconds, if you sing chorus-first verse-chorus. {there are, in fact, many verses and versions. Willie Nelson sings it with 3 verses. The state of Louisiana claims the song with a five verse version that includes a line about crawfish gumbo. No lie}

But back to our sunshine.

Why, you may be wondering, should you care? Because 57 seconds first thing in the morning can matter most & spread sunshine the entire day long.

For many of us, mornings are hectic. Rushed affairs that if-everything-went-off-without-a-hitch-and-if-your-child-actually-ate-breakfast-without-being-asked-22-times-to-take-a-bite, we’d actually walk out the door on time. But often we don’t. We run late, even if it is only by a few moments. We run hot, tempers rising. We run snappy, barking out orders.

What if we didn’t? What if mornings were filled instead, with sunshine?

It can be. We only need 57 seconds. And they all take place in the first minute your child is awake. For the first minute you see your little one, stop. Instead of peppering them with questions {how did you sleep? do you have to go to the bathroom? what do you want for breakfast?}, hold them. quietly. sing it softly in their ear. giving them a minute of connection and love sets the whole day up differently. for both of you.

It is that easy. That powerful. The magic of sunshine.

try it. sing it. tell your sumbud about it. and then let the group know. how did it go?



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