Personal and Parent Coaching

You may be wondering, what exactly is personal & parent coaching?

Well, you can look at it like this….

A coach guides you through the ups, downs, arounds, and forwards of life.


Coach and client work together to acknowledge difficulties, identify strengths, establish ideals of what you’d like life to be, and develop design steps to reach your preferred life.

Or this….

A parent coach, with the knowledge of developmental ages and stages, brain research, and family dynamics, partners with parents to help them through the practical to the philosophical issues inherent in raising children.

Or, like this….

A coach on the field observes a player’s skills- then works with them on specific changes to enhance their abilities. The coach sees not just one player, but the team, the field, the flow of the game. Through sharing these perspectives, the coach expands the player’s understanding of themselves and of the game.

And when we work together, it is the game of life.

Now wondering how we do personal & parent coaching?
Curious about what people say?


Still left wanting more about coaching?  Read an essay-length description here.

Is coaching right for your situation?

Coach?  Therapist?  Counselor?  Let’s connect, assess your circumstances, discuss each kind of professional support, and clarify your direction.

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