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Ever have that feeling? when you are stuck? stymied? left wondering what to do? And you want help in the moment? quickly? kinda right now? And you know it won’t take long, you just need someone to guide you to that great A-HA! and then you’ll know– YES! that’s exactly what to do. Answers to your questions that fit your family and your way of parenting.

Welcome to the

easy-breezyIt’s concierge coaching. Created for just those issues. The ones where a bit of clarity gets you all the way to clear skies.

Here’s how it works: You send up a bat signal, and I answer the call.

oh, the details? Here they are. Easy Breezy sessions are over the phone, last 15 minutes, and cost $30.

Or, of course, you can buy this as a gift for someone.

Your easy breezy directions will arrive automatically in your inbox, and you’ll be all set to go. Use it right away, or tuck it in your back pocket for a rainy day, the easy breezy is yours to use whenever the stormy weather hits.

And when it does? You send up the bat signal, and I’ll answer the call

BUY ONE {$30}

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Wouldn’t these make great gifts? Here you go!

BUY ONE {$30–and it comes with a lovely letter explaining what it is and how to connect with me to use it}

and yes, of course, you are welcome to buy more than one! Because what parent doesn’t want a little pixie dust now and then?!

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Feel like maaaybe you need a bit more time? link right over here for information on full sessions.

Free Guide: 5 changes in 5 minutes to make parenting better, easier, right now!