Thank you. Thank you to everyone who has jumped right in and printed and organized and hubbed and valued. I love hearing back from you how much this matters to you. And an equally huge thank you to everyone who isn’t there. who isn’t even close. who wrote to say I love it, but I am so far behind…

I hear you.

And here’s what we are going to do about it.

Summer of Love Reboot.

Week 0 for organize was designed to get it all out there. BOOM. But while an ocean wave of activity is good for some, a trickle approach is better for others. So, in the days ahead as we are moving forward, there will also be a reboot reminder.

One. Small. Thing. A. Day.

A way to move forward without being overwhelmed. Dealeo?

Let’s start today:

week 1 day 5:
Notice their noses. Seriously. Here’s what I mean.

Summer of Love Reboot:

step 1. documentation. Short & sweet. check it out here.


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