summer of love 2018–week 6

All I ever wanted
Had to get away

Oh, yes. I will happily date myself by telling you I still know (most) of the words to The Go-Go’s Vacation. Some songs we learn when we are little never fade. (I was little. very very little. maybe even learned it years after it came out…)

So week 6 summer of love is an homage to our youth. That time of innocence. That time when summer really meant a break. And that’s what’s in store for you.


Nothing to work on. Nothing to change. No situations to see differently, or to-do’s to tackle.

Just Take. The. Week. Off.

It’s a summer of love tradition. Somewhere in the midst of our weeks of work, we stop. And instead we stay out later in the evening light. Buy an extra bag of water balloons to join the fight. This isn’t a week for improvement, but time for enjoyment.




p.s. Maaaaaaaybe you already took a vacation, and missed a week of summer of love. (Or two.) And you have been meaning to catch up. This is your week. Click on whatever you want to do below and be sure to keep me posted! I always love hearing how Summer of Love is going for YOU.

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As for week 5? It was hot and sticky and sweaty and time to say “will you paddle for me?”

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