summer of love — week 2

w2bannerit is time to slow down.

For the first week, we Organized. For the second, we Created.

Now we twinkle.

Do you remember the very first words about Summer of Love?

A place for us to gather — ideas – successes – strategies.
A place where each week there will be simple posts, easy ideas, fabulous ways to connect with your kiddos all summer long.
By the time September arrives, we’ll have created a string of the best kind of moments.
A string of emotional twinkle lights. full of love.

Twinkle lights. They charm us. Not for their brightness, but for their tiny sparkle. A sparkle that is spread out along the line, so that each bulb gets to shine.

We love them for their smallness and their sparseness. And that is the secret to the Summer of Love.

We began with rush, a frenzy of work. Not any more. Now we string simple twinkle lights. One week at a time.

On Mondays {ish} a new message will arrive. It will contain a new focus & a few gentle reminders. Ready for simple? easy? fabulous?

Let’s begin:
sunshine_epThis week’s twinkle light. How long does it take to sing You Are My Sunshine? Come learn why the first 57 seconds of the morning matter most & spread sunshine the entire day long.



reach out to your sumbud. How are they? How are you?


value. what is the next one on your list? decide how to highlight it in the week ahead. {here are ideas}.


Pull out your weekly calendar. See the sweet space for feelings? When you think about all that you are grateful for this week, how do you feel? record it here. just a word. or two. to remember the love.



P.S. My lovely {re}booties. Here’s the rest of the schedule to catch you all up:

Monday:  calendarize. jump on over here to download, save & print.
Tuesday:  values. I’ve got lots of ways to help you get to 11, right here.
Wednesday: www. figure out your who-what-where. begin here.
Thursday:  how-to-break-the-rules. yup. we love this list.
Friday: me. by that I mean YOU. maybe the most important part of the summer.
Saturday: stitch it all together.

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