summer of love — week 4


this week, we listen for the sounds of silence.

so often by the end of the day, all we have saved in our minds are the outbursts. the whining. the toddler meltdowns. the tween tone of voice. the teen eye roll.

we have missed all the silence. all the moments we said: here’s breakfast. or please put away the laundry. or time to leave the park…and they ate, or folded, or hopped right off the swing.

without a second glace. without snark. maybe, even happily.

and so, handfuls, maybe even dozens, of silent moments pass by. unnoticed. uncounted. unappreciated.

until this week. this week, we are going to pay attention to the quiet.


Monday:  as you interact with your child, listen. What do you hear? yes, there will be moments of conflict, of frustration, of tempers. on both sides. let them roll right on past. hold on to the quiet. the stillness. the connectedness. count those moments all day long. each one matters.


Tuesday: tell them. let them know you are listening. give them the insight of how much it matters to you. watch {and listen} to what happens.




Wednesday: talk to them. each time the silence happens, notice it out loud. mention it to them. reach out and touch them. smile. tousle their hair. show them the difference it makes in your heart.


w4d4shareThursday share a silent story with your sumbud. talk in person, over the phone, in whatever way, with your kids in the room. secretly listening. brag to your sumbud about how well it went. how each child rose to the occasion and made the moment even better.



value. what is the next one on your list? decide how to highlight it in the week ahead. {here are ideas}.


Pull out your weekly calendar. See the sweet space for feelings? When you think about all the silent moments this week, how do you feel? record it here. just a word. or two. to remember the love.

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